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October 2011

October, as anyone who knows me is aware has to be my favorite time of the year. Yes it's true, Halloween beats out even Christmas as my favorite holiday of the year. But let me just say, there is a bit more than just frivolity going on this year around the holiday but we will get into that in a moment.

First off I want to let everyone know the rumors are true...


The resort complex at the corner of Fourth and Mill Street is open again! Oh and don't let me forget to tell ya the new name; the R3. Or as I want to call it the R Cubed. I want to welcome Ray Allen back to the river community; not like he ever really left us. But he has purchased back the resort formally known as the Triple R, and by the time this paper hits the streets it should be up and going again. Now I have to say personally I'm happy to have what I used to call my living room back. The venue has a few minor changes, but is basically still the same place that we have missed for the last year. The one thing I'm happy to see come back is going to be the on going and non stop trivia game. You compete not only against anyone else playing in the bar, but folks across the country playing. It's tons of fun. With wifi and many other soon to come distractions it will be taking it's place back as one of the places to be and be seen on the river. Call them at 707-869-8399 for more info. On line you can find them at


Anyways, the next thing I wanted to touch on is my friend Bill at Twice Told Books, located inside Coffee Bazaar at 14045 Armstrong Woods Road. Now beyond the fact that he has a great used book selection, some fun gift items and a few new books around local writers; he's a great guy. In October to celebrate Halloween he is have a store wide twenty five percent discount on everything! October 28 through to the 31. So stop in and get a great deal on a book, oh and tell him Mz. Alice Dee sent you for no extra discount on the sale. (707) 869-1479 or on facebook at Twice Told Books.


So lets talk about Halloween.

Yes it really is my favorite holiday, really who doesn't like a chance to dress up, be a big kid and run around town being silly? Not like I need an excuse to do that, but it's more fun when I'm not the only one doing it. First I want to talk about the third annual Zombie Crawl. On Friday October 28, the dead gather at the R3. (corner of Fourth and Mill) starting at 7 pm. Show up dead, or expect to be converted into a Zombie is all I'm saying. Then around 9 or so we start wondering through Guerneville. On Saturday the 29 in keeping with tradition the progressive costume contest this year is back starting at the R3. Sign up starts at 7, with the contest at 8:30. Then it moves over to the Rainbow Cattle Company at 10 pm. (Located at 16220 Main Street on line at 11 pm finds us at McT's the Bullpen. (Located at 16246 First Street on line at and then across the parking lot to Trio at Midnight. (located at `16225 Main Street). After all this, you should head over to Jerry Knights River Theater to round out your evening of scary fun on the river. Now one last thing I want to talk about for this eve, this year we are adding a touch of a fund raiser to the mix. Your going to see myself and a friend running around all night dressed as a Grrreat Pumpkin. And yes that is how we are spelling it. You may also see a few of our minions with collection buckets at the venues. We are raising funds to support local health care services here on the river. Please feel free to give generously that night.


Now of course I need to mention the fact that if you find yourself at a loss for makeup, outfits, wigs or any costume accessory you need; drop by the Guerneville 5 and 10. (located 16252 Main Street on line at They always have a great selection of things to make the night scary.


And finally the last event I want to touch on for the month is the Mermaid Fest! As always this event is put on by our very own California Mermaid. This year the event has moved to the Rio Nido Road House (located at 14540 Canyon Two) On Sunday October 30, you will have a grand time of talking about the river, wetland and waterways in the area. Lean about what we can do to protect them and have a great time doing it. There are also going to be some local venders, artist and the like. So stop in, have your cards read by the Russian River Psychic Christine (online at or get a chair massage from me (yeah it is what I do for a real job... being a media queen on the river doesn't pay much ya know.) and just have a great time. You can get more info on the Mermaid Fest 2011 at I have to say that this event is always fun and a great cause.


So that's my story and I'm sticking to it for October. Keep your radio tuned to KGGV 95.1 LP FM The Bridge every Sunday but the fourth week of the month at 9 pm for the “River Dish” and listen to me talk about all things dishy and swishy on the river. And hey, drop me a line at and tell me how much you love me.



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