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August 2011: River Dish

Ok, is it just me or does this year seem to be flying by? Not that I'm complaining just saying my goodness, can you believe it's August already? But hey, there is a bunch of stuff going on around the river so rather than waxing poetic lets get into things.

First of I'm so excited to talk about some of the new businesses on Main Street, and a couple of spots that are just expanding. I have to say that I'm so happy to see so many storefronts not standing empty. I was starting to get a bit down about the empty store fronts on main street and such. But now it's nothing to worry about. Lets start with the fact that while it's not a new store, Up the River is expanding into the old beauty salon next door. Not really sure what they are going to be doing in the space at this moment, but hey, more is better in my book. Up the River is located at 16212 main street.

Moving down the street the first new business we come to is Big Bottom Market. They are located at 16228 Main Street, 707-604-7483. Now they do breakfast and lunch, along with some great wine and coffee. Oh, and they have some wonderful gourmet food items and cookbooks. But really in my mind it's about the food. The breakfast item that I think sounds great is the Sea Biscuit. It's a cheddar thyme biscuit, crème fraiche, smoked trout, capers and pickled red onions (though they only do this on the weekends.) for $9. On the lunch menu I am looking forward to trying Lumberjack. It's a roast beef, jack, arugula, horseradish aioli with shallot jam; also at $9. Though check out the wine list, we are in the wine country after all. Also you may want to check them out on line at

Then we keep the flow, and move on down Main Street to White Tail Wine Bar. Now they have a great space. I love being able to just sit, enjoy a glass of pinot in such a comfortable and warm space. Now just so you know, they have a great wine list. The list covers a wide range of price points and such. I'm a fan of the red wines personally, but no matter what your palette you won't be disappointed. They have a wonderful selection on both the red and white sides of the coin. Along with some truly lovely desert and bubbly to round out the selections. You can find them at 16230 Main Street 707-604-7449 or on Facebook at “whitetail wine”.

Then you can keep walking west on Main Street and you come to the expansion of Main Street Pizza. The expanded space is wonderful. It's opened up the storefront next to the original space. I'm sure it's more than doubled the floor space. My issue with the space in the past was that it seemed that anytime I wanted to sit down and eat, they were always so busy that I had to wait. Not that I minded waiting, the food is always good. But now, I figure with more tables they won't have as much of a wait. And the new space is so nice. Still with the focus of the business on good food, and great live music. You'll never go wrong with what ever they are playing. Main Street Pizza is located at 16280 Main Street. And online at

Now you want to cross the street and keep going west. You'll pass yet another great restaurant, a bookstore, a art gallery or two and come across a couple of great second hand stores. Seconds First has been one of my favorite places to shop for years and still is. But a store that I was bummed about closing, Sharon's Main Street Emporium just moved in. Now I'm not really sure exactly when they are going to be reopen, with luck it's by the time this hits the internet. The new store is located at 16377 Main Street.

Now of course what would The River Dish be without at least a mention of a couple of events? Of course the big one (pun intended) is that Lazy Bear is back in town. August third through the seventh. Now this is one of biggest weekends that we see around the River. I always enjoy the bears, though I'll tell ya the truth, after working all day on giving the guys massages and such, I usually just head on home and sleep... But it's still a great weekend, so many things that I don't even have the space to talk about all the parties. Check them out on line at

The next event I wanted to touch on is the PCB's a musical homage to the Plasmatics. Saturday August 6th at Club Yamagata (located at 17121 Highway 116) Now if you don't kno who the Plasmatics are, I would say crawl out from under a rock, just kidding, they are a really fun punk band. But this show is gonna be off the hook and tons of fun. Starting at 10 pm and oh and by the way, they are giving away free nipple tape at the door.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it for August. Feel free to drop me a line at if you have the inside scoop on a event that I should know about in September. And of course tune into “The River Dish” on KGGV 95.1 LP FM “The Bridge” every Sunday but the fourth week of the month at 9 pm for all things dishy and swishy on the river.

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