Sonoma County's Gay Playground

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Like a sign in the area says...."If we don't have it, you don't need it."

That said, when you come out to the River, you can shop for whatever you might need. Pack lightly, but bring an extra bag.

  • Forgot your dog's leash?
  • Wanna take home some gifts?
  • Need warmer jammies?
  • Thong clash with your beach towel?
  • Beach towel clash with your thong?

How about local art? Retro candy? A hard-to-find bottle of local Pinot? Antiques? The latest bestseller? Artisan cheese? Prescription refill? Hemp bath gel? A vintage dress? Three bedroom house on the River with privacy, parking and a view?

Yep, you can get all of that and more. And if you can pull off a thong, then go for it. Don't forget sunscreen.