Sonoma County's Gay Playground

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Bars & Food


Sometimes we're packed to the gills with visitors and sometimes we're a sleepy little rural community.

But, rest assured, there is always something going on at the River. You'll find no shortage of quick bites, memorable dining experiences, live entertainment, lively nightlife crowds and all around revelry.

Guerneville is the focus of the area's gay nightlife - one of the few resort towns in the country where you can proudly walk down Main Street day or night.


Sonoma County has a unique harvest shaped by the farmers, and winemakers who find inspiration in our fertile soil, rugged sea coast, and mild climate. No matter what brings you to Sonoma County, one of the pleasures we offer is remarkably good eating and drinking.

If you want to explore the characteristic flavors of a place, you'll have no choice but to discover a cuisine inspired by the land itself, by the immigrants who first farmed it and those who came after them, and by the slow turning of the seasons.

This does not mean that every meal must be a leisurely gourmet indulgence, not at all. You'll find the flavors of Sonoma County in casual taquerias and cafés and at take-out delicatessens and farm stands, as well as in our fine restaurants.

Once you venture off the main path, you'll be surprised at how quickly the bounty of this land comes into focus. You might be standing at the counter of a small café ordering breakfast when a gardener steps up, arms full of fresh garlic and shallots, harvested just down the road. Perhaps you'll be lingering over lunch when a harried farmer rushes in carrying flats of just-picked heirloom tomatoes of every shape and hue stacked carefully on top of one another.

When you visit a winery, ask the tasting room employees about their favorite restaurants. At the farmers markets, talk to the growers and ask them which chefs buy their produce. Once you're in the restaurant, talk to your server. Where is the cheese from; is the duck from Sonoma Country; do you have any local specialties; has something special just come into season? The more you ask, the more you'll learn, and the more you learn, the better you'll eat. And the love of agriculture is so pervasive here that once someone knows you're truly interested they will share all sorts of tasty secrets with you.